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While we all know that we should have someone take a look at the roof on our homes after a severe storm comes through, how many of us think to have our other roof, our church home roof, looked at?  After all, the surface area of a church roof is usually quite a bit larger than that of our home or even that of our neighbors homes.  Our home roofs may be able to dodge some of the hail or straight winds that come deluging us during storms, but, gosh, our church roofs don’t stand a chance with their tall peaks and humongous slopes.

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Chances are that your church roof needs to inspected for storm and other damages.  So, with our area booming with construction work, how does one go about finding a reputable, reliable and honest contractor who will be willing to climb up on your building and take a look around?  Your best bet is to look for a General Contractor who is licensed not only for residential but also for commercial applications.  

 Church Roof Replacements TN

And though you have also heard this before, English Home Improvements strongly suggests that you check out any contractor that you are thinking about doing business with.

 Verified TN Contractor

To check a TN contractor out and verify their license, to to  http://verify.tn.gov/    You will land on a License Search and Verification page.  Here you need to enter either the name of the company, for example “English Home Improvements” or the license number of the company, ours is 68088.  Now go to the “Profession” pull down and choose “Contractors”, click on Search. Information on the contractor will appear or it will say “no information found”.  If there is no information on the company than most likely they do NOT have a valid license to do work in TN.  You do NOT want to have an unlicensed contractor on your property for many reasons including if something goes wrong you are not protected and in fact you and or your company can be held liable.


Now that you know English Home Improvements is fully licensed, you can reach out to us by text or phone at 615-746-0990 or through our website https://www.englishhomeimprovements.com to schedule a free  and professional roof inspection.  If you already know that you or your church or business needs a roof replacement, it is highly recommended that you procure a total of three estimates from licensed contractors who do roof replacements.  Some of our clients have expressed how difficult this procurement can be.  They complain that contractors don’t answer their phones or show up for appointments.  When they do get someone to show up for an estimate, the contractors won’t return phone calls or provide the actual estimates.  That indeed can be extremely frustrating.  Know that when you schedule an appointment with English Home Improvements,  your Team Member is going to show up on time and most of the time will be able to provide you with an immediate estimate.  If your project is very large in scope or entails a lot of specialty items, it may take up to three days to get an accurate estimate to you, but rest assured we will be diligent about getting it to you as soon as possible.

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What types of church roofs does your Reliable Contractor replace?  English Home Improvements replaces metal roofs, shingle roofs, slate roofs and all other types of roofs.  We are not afraid of steep slopes but are also excellent with low slopes and even flat roofs.  So, if you need a roof replacement on your home, your church home or your business, check out our license and reach out to us.  We look forward to working with you.

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