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a Major Upscale Kitchen Remodel looks like this

Major Upscale Kitchen Remodel

According to Cost VS Value 2018's report, a major kitchen remodel would look like this:


Update outmoded 200-square-foot kitchen with 30 linear feet of

top-of-the-line custom white cabinets with built-in sliding shelves

and other interior accessories. Include stone countertops with

imported ceramic- or glass-tile backsplash; built-in refrigerator,

commercial grade cooktop and vent hood, wall oven, and built-in

microwave unit. Install high-end undermount sink with designer

faucets and water filtration system. Add new general and task

lighting, including low-voltage undercabinet lights. Install tile or

similar flooring that looks like wood. 

So, this Major Kitchen Remodel appears at least in verbiage to reflect the wonderful kitchens that we see on the popular Remodeling and DIY television shows.  It states that the top-of-the-line custom cabinets are white, but surely for this price point you can get them in any color or stain option available.  Although white cabinets have proven to be timeless in their popularity.  Have you noticed though, that they are polarizing?  People either love them or despise them.  I have never had an all white kitchen, have you?  Leave a short answer in the comment section below.  This major remodel includes stone countertops.  Which stone would you choose?  There are so many options available now.  Mine are all in the neutral color range.  We raised a lot of children and my interior design philosophy evolved to have as many surfaces be naturally the color of dirt as possible LOL!  And honestly, when I see gorgeous white Carrara marble on white cabinets I do have envy and desire, but I know that it wouldn’t work for our family’s lifestyle.

white Carrara marble counter tops

My cabinets do employ lots of sliding shelves, especially my pantry.  My corner cabinets do not have lazy Susans in them, I have had those in the past and found that they are difficult to keep clean for an O.C.D. personality. Another drawback, in my opinion, is that they are not able to hold as many items. 

The description notes that the back splash would be “an imported ceramic or glass-tile”.  When glass tile started to become trendy I was not instantly a fan, but I can’t argue that there are some stunningly beautiful glass tiles available in today’s market.  

 I have had a built in dishwasher before but never a refrigerator.  It seems like a lot of “cabinet” to me, but in some kitchens I agree that they are spectacular.  Plus, it takes the decision of what color appliance to choose off the plate.  Growing up, there were avocado green and harvest gold appliances in my homes.  As a home owner, I have had white, black, red and stainless steel appliances.  Even though stainless is hugely popular right now, my personal preference is white.  It looks light and bright, is easy to wipe down and does not show water mineral stains like black does.  Plus, again, it is timeless.  My range is actually a red Blue Star 6 burner gas one which I absolutely love.  Over the years (we have actually lived in the same house for over 10 years … a first for me!) we have replaced our stainless refrigerator and our paneled dishwasher with white models.  The replacements came when the original appliances failed, I am far too frugal to replace them “just because”.

 Kitchen with Professional Range

Our Blue Star is professional grade and can fit a full sized baking pan in it’s oven.  That feature makes Christmas baking go soooooo much faster!  Plus it is a convection oven, which simply means it has a fan in the back of the oven to move the air around facilitating a more even baking experience.  We choose a Vent-A-Hood for our range hood.  Honestly, it is a bit of a pain to clean but  really does suck even the biggest cloud of smoke out!  With six burners going at once or when making a nice big stir fry dish, that comes in handy.

 A microwave oven has not been in any of our homes for a long time.  We opt for a toaster oven.  One must plan a few minutes in advance if one wants to heat up some left overs, but one adjusts quickly to the concept.  And, the food just has a better consistency to it when it is baked rather than nuked.  Plus, I have a bachelor of science degree circa 1985 in Exercise Science and Nutrition so my family has an in house “food cop.”  It would be great sometimes, like when I get a stiff neck, to have a microwave to heat up towels etc.

Copper Sink

This kitchen remodel description details that the sink would be high end and under mounted.  If you are not familiar with under mount sinks, you are going to want to be.  They rock when you are wiping your counter tops, you just wipe straight into the sink, there is no lip or other “catch” area to trap crumbs and other “stuff”.   When we built our home, my husband and I both got to choose a “special something”.  My choice was the Blue Star (I had never cooked on gas before it, and was hopeful I would love it as much as all of the folks in the magazines did), Hubby choose a “hand hammered copper sink”.  It is a large, single bowl that is gorgeous when clean and holds a LOT.  In the beginning, it was a true pain to keep up.  There was scrubbing and waxing and huffing and puffing on my part.  But then, we discovered MORE, a magical spray + foam product from Bar Keepers Friend.  You simply spray it on and it cleans away ALL of the oxidized copper!  I am happier which means, of course, that the Hubster is happier too.

 Copper Sink Nashville

Designer Faucets.  The description actually said that!  Like, who would choose a builder grade single lever faucet if they were doing a hundred thousand dollar kitchen remodel?  If anything in the kitchen arena has evolved, it is definitely the faucet.  Good grief!  Have you walked down the faucet isle lately?  There are more faucet choices than there are cereal choices in the super market!  Faucets with batteries and all!  Just WOW!  Do you love yours?  If so, share with us which one you have and why you like it.  I have had issues with faucets and finally put in a commercial one.  There is no doubt in my mind that when I am not home, the kids spray each other with it.  They are smart enough to clean up the evidence before the food cop arrives on the scene. 

The description continues with water filtration system on the sink.  Do you have one?  We don’t.  Ours is in our refrigerator, which means we have a standard refrigerator not a high end one.  Why don’t the high end ones come with a nice water filter or for that matter, an in the door water and ice dispenser?  It doesn’t make sense to me why they don’t.  Maybe a decision maker will read this and start an inclusive line.  As an O.C.D. cleaner, I have not been able to opt for a french door style refrigerator.  Dirt and debris get down under that drawer and can’t easily be wiped up.  That would drive me insane.  But that is a discussion for another day.

What would you choose as your “special something” if you were undergoing an upscale major kitchen remodel?  For $123,537 budget, surely you can get what ever you want!  If you need ideas or are thinking about updating your kitchen, reach out to us.  We are not the cheapest contractor out there (nor would we want to be), but we can certainly help you attain your dream kitchen for under said budget.

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