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6 Ways to Prepare your Entry Way for Halloween

6 Ways to Prepare your Entry Way for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, Trick-or-Treaters will soon be at your door in their adorable, hopefully not too scary, costumes.  They will have their hands out for some goodies.  While this all sounds good, things could get scary, very scary, really quick.  Things can and do change in a moment.  Instead of handing them chocolates and candy corn, you may be handing them a check.  It is a particularly chilling fact that Halloween remains a favorite holiday for Personal Injury Lawyers (no offense to our many clients and friends who make a legitimate living in this occupation!)  Here are 7 things you can do to avoid being caught up in a nasty web of a lawsuit or being responsible for a child being accidentally  injured.

What are some things you can do to avoid being caught up in one of these nasty litigation webs?  Here are 7 Ways to Prepare your Entry Way for Halloween:   

1)  Prepare your Yard.  Take a look, could your grassy areas use a mowing?  Trick-or-Treaters are in a hurry to get to their treats and often will run through a yard (shortest route method) instead of taking the extra time and energy to follow paved paths between homes (goodie-palaces).  Be sure that when the sun sets and visibility is diminished, that there are not tripping hazzards in between you and your neighbors.  And, we are sorry, it is unfortunate but true that kids are not going to pay any attention to your "DO NO WALK ON GRASS OR THROUGH LANDSCAPING" signs.  You can make it more enticing to them by Tip #2

 2)  Prepare your Side Walks.  When is the last time you took a good look at your sidewalks, walkways and other pathways?  English Home Improvements can help you redesign and reconfigure pathways that have deteriorated,  are sinking, lifting or are just plain ugly.  Snatch that broom from the neighborhood witch and give your paved paths a good sweeping.  Take notice of uneven areas, of the condition of the materials, of the efficiency of the configuration.  Is it inviting?  Do you enjoy walking on them or have you become "eye" blind to thier condition?  Spookey how we can ignore things that are right in front of our eyes every day!  Perhaps it is time to check out our Instagram or Pinterest pages for some inspiration for something so inviting that you won't have to put up a tacky "please use the sidewalk" sign!  Before you know it, adorable guests will be lured in by the curb appeal of your eye catching path.  Where will it lead them?  See Tip #3   

3)  You want your guests to be able to see where they are going (and to see how fantastic your pathway looks!)  Facilitate visual super powers by providing layers of lighting.  You can opt for super simple solar powered "stake" type lighting that even a vampire could figure out how to install.  They come in all kinds of colors and shapes!  An easy lesson in diversity.  Pick them up anywhere from your local dollar type store or any hardware or general goods store or even order them off of the world wide web.  Once your peeps roll up the sidewalk, what will they encounter?  Check out tip #4 for more visual cues

4)  Lighting doesn’t stop when the path ends.  What is the condition of your front porch lighting?  The New Urbanism movement in Architecture is ushering in the trend of larger front porches.  Let English Home Improvements help you design and build a new, more inviting Front Porch.   Not only will you have a great outdoor living area but even greater, you will have more opportunities to step up your outdoor lighting game!  See Tip #5 for lighting opportunities.

5)  Create a more inviting and bright entryway, driveway and outdoor pathway with the installation of new light fixtures.  Let English Home Improvements design team work with you on a comprehensive plan to make your home safer and more inviting with the addition of outdoor lighting.  There are many types of outdoor lighting to take advantage of.  See Tip #6 for Types of Outdoor Lights

6)  Outdoor Lights include the obvious Front Door Lights as well as the sometimes lesser thought of Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Lighting that turn on when a large enough critter or object comes into it’s path.  Some can detect motion up to 40 feet away and come with super bright LED lights that give off enough Lumens to thwart someone who is up to no good or to light your driveway up enough that your teenager can see where your pretty flowers are and hopefully not run over them!

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